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Alexa. Amazon.comcom/ setup firestick is the all-in-one digital TV receiver that’s packed with useful voice-controlled features. Access all your favorite entertainment content and apps on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, including Amazon Video, Netflix, and much more Use the Alexa Voice Remote to search for your favorite music, shows and app services using voice control. Simply plug the Amazon Fire Stick into your TV for quick and simple access to thousands of content services The Amazon Fire TV Stick offers an approach to over 7,000 apps for endless hours of entertainment You can also Download radio apps, games and service apps such as takeaway providers for use through your TV. Experience your favorite video content in a 1080p definition using the Alexa Amazon Fire Stick with an HDTV You can also get your subscription channels such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Fox Go, and so much more. Apart from that, it can also get you to watch Live IPTV channels regional-wise where you can watch Live Sports, Movies, and TV Shows, and all that features with Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player and its micro-console remote developed by Amazon The player is a small network appliance entertainment device that streams digital audio and video content to a high definition television from the home internet network. The player also allows users to play video games with the included remote via a mobile app or with an optional game controller The device comes in two form factors Fire TV a set-top box and Fire TV Stick a cut down version presented as an HDMI plug-in stick.

Follow the steps In order to complete firestick setup which is as follows:

  • Step(1): Connect the fire tv stick to the tv directly, Plug in the power adapter to both a power port and the Fire TV stick switch on the fire stick tv and choose the appropriate HDMI port on the tv where you have connected the Fire TV Stick. firestick

  • Step(2): After that insert the batteries in the Alexa remote. Please mind that unlike the conventional insertion of batteries  The Alexa remote requires both the batteries facing towards the same side firestick

  • Step(3): Then pick up the Alexa remote and bring it closer to the TV Stick. You need to be at least 5 meters close to the Fire TV Then choose your preferred language that the Fire TV Stick needs to work on. firestick


  • Step(4): Choose the desired network and press ok. It will take you to a gray highlighted screen with the option to enter the password Use the trackpad on the Alexa remote to enter the password and press play to have it connected to the network. firestick

  • Step(5): After connecting to network Login or register on the Amazon account using your credentials and press play. You have now successfully registered your Amazon Fire TV Stick and it is ready to be used Firestick offers the option to implement Parental Controls. By applying these, certain content will require a numeric Pin to be entered for viewing. In addition, your PIN could block potential purchases from being made. firestick

Alexa.Amazon.comcom/setup firestick  features fireStick is the powerful streaming media device that plugs into an HDTV and lets customers access thousands of movies, TV shows, apps, and games and much more t is primarily a media streaming device that plugs into an HDTV and lets users access movies, TV shows, apps, and games. It is like a large pen drive. But despite size, it packs in pretty neat hardware inside it. It comes with a quad-core processor and support for fast Wi-Fi. The Fire TV stick comes with a voice remote that offers spoken language support for Indian customers in Hindi and English. With voice, remote users can search Amazon video by using just their voice.

Here are some Useful and Exciting features of firestick:-

  • Discover shows in Netflix and player with voice control
  • Making gaming better with a gamepad
  • Adding voice support to non-mic tv stick
  • Buy a voice remote separately
  • Sideload apps for greater choice
  • You can also Use your phone as a Fire tv remote
  • Send music to your Bluetooth headphones
  • Mirror your phone’s screen on the Fire tv
  • Add to your storage into firestick tv
  • Delete the voice recordings Amazon stores

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How to Get firestick

To Get Instant help to setup firestick Our technical support team provide help and solve bugs and issues in just a few minutes You can also dial our tollfree number to refix your issues our technical experts are highly Qualified and have great communication skill to resolve the customer problems and Give better Guidance In an easy way you can also chat with our technicians with desktop/remote session customer satisfaction is our priority to fix any issues as soon as possible we have a long years work experience in troubleshooting all types of technical issues. our expert Technical support team knows the value of time. Our Technical Support team can render your technical issues by using various methods for Tech Support through a Live Chat or simply by dialing Our Toll-free number from the screen Our Technical Team has achieved customers trust by performing them an abrupted Technical support and clearing all technical issues they are facing in real time. We support our clients and take good care. Looking for customers comfort we provide extreme services to a are some types of equipment related to firestick

  • Alexa amazon FireStick device
  • Alexa voice remote
  • Power adapter
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • HDMI Extender

While the idea of streaming your Alexa.Amazon.comcom/setup firestick tv shows and movies have been around for a while, the right device for doing this has been hard to come by. Smart tv never really captured the public imagination, mobile devices are great but small screens are annoying and the size and resolution of most laptops and computer monitors are often not great too. The arrival of Firestick quickly filled this gap in the market. This portable HDMI device could be plugged into just about any TV and provided users with a portable, flexible, cheap and easy-to-use device to stream all their viewing throughYou can download apps for almost every online streaming platform onto a Firestick and its small size means you can then take all your viewing with you wherever you go Firestick TV and Fire Stick devices are wonderfully convenient to use using them without a remote control Amazon’Alexa and an Echo device, you can control your Fire TV Stick with nothing but your voice You can also you can secure every device that connects to the internet. Fire TV, smartphones, Fire Tablets, even smart TVs and gaming consoles you will need to have your Fire device plugged into your TV and powered on to take advantage of Alexa integration. The Echo can’t control Fire tv if its shut down, after all, It’s also a good idea to use the latest generation of hardware.